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Let's Chill

A Time to Chill News and Talk is a news and talk show catered to the things YOU want to hear.  We discuss multiple topics from politics, relationships, current events, sexuality and more.  We provide an open environment for others to speak openly on things that matter to them.  We specialize in real talk and none of that watered down B.S. you get from other shows.


It's About Time

Are you tired of the same old boring talk with the same old boring personalities?  Of course you are!  Lucky for you, A Time to Chill News and Talk show provides you with something more.  Our hosts and unique special guests provide fresh and insightful prospective on what's going on in the world today.  Get your news and a dose of reality with every show, as we go there and you will definitely want to come back again.


Everything is Chill

This show was created to give a platform to those in the community who may feel like they do not have one otherwise.  We also provide a platform for local artists and businesses to promote and network with new individuals.  Our guests so far include fashion designers, local politicians/activists, music artists, independent filmmakers and more.  We also do a little of on sight reporting to bring you front row to the events you want to see!  A Time to Chill News and Talk Show is brought to you by Just-Chillin Productions.

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One-on-One Interviews


A Time to Chill News and Talk also brings you one on one interviews as well as group discussions.  In our one on one interviews we get in depth with people in the community that we feel have a story to tell.  We have interviewed Independent film makers, business people and political activists in the area.  If you have a story to tell and a message to send then A Time to Chill is more than willing to work with you to help get it out.  Interviews are handled by our very own Antonette Crosby.

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